Your business is your baby. Your website is its body.
It needs a voice.


Your brand might be your baby, but it sure as hell takes longer than 9 months to bring a business to life. Which is a shame, because you’ve got that thing you do, and you’re GREAT at it. If only you could actually get to it.

It can be tempting to DIY everything.
Save some cash. But suddenly, it’s been
several weeks, you have a hundred drafts lying around which aren’t quite working, and you’re desperate to get on to the next thing if only your damn website was up and running. And it can sometimes feel like you need to get something, anythingup there so you can start making money.

That won’t quite cut it.

The copy on your website needs to tell your story. Hook in your readers. Guide them through it. And sell. It takes research, countless edits, a bathtub of coffee, and a sprinkle of divine inspiration.

That’s where I come in.

The Deluxe Relaxation
Pamper Package from

from $1500
  • Foundation branding manifesto
  • 60-minute zoom call to go over your branding audit and brief
  • 4 pages of web copy (can include a sales page!)
  • 2 rounds of revisions, plus I’ll take a glance at it once your web dev has made it look alive
  • Meta titles + descriptions

Website Overhaul

from $1000
  • 60 Minute zoom call to go over your brief
  • 3-page package $1000 ( +150 to include a sales page)
  • 4-page package $1300 ( +150 to include a sales page)
  • Meta titles + descriptions

Single Page
Spruce Up

from $350
  • 60 Minute zoom call to go over your brief.
  • Initial page $450
  • Subsequent pages $350
  • Sales page $600
Liv Steigrad is the kind of copywriter I want to be when I grow up. She's whip-smart, sharp as a blade, and manages to cram oodles of personality into succinct, punchy copy. I've had the pleasure of both copy coaching and hiring Liv as a copywriter and editor and on every occasion she brings innovative, new ideas, a considered approach to how to work with other professionals, and delivers edgy, easy to read copy. I highly recommend this fresh face to the copy world and suggest you sign her up soon; I can imagine she'll be charging at top dollar within the year.

Jay Crisp Crow, Copywriter

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