Make sure your words look fresh and sharp for their big day.


You took a crack at it. You honestly did, and all the information is there (probably). It just doesn’t sound right but you’ve been looking at it for so long, you don’t even know what an apostrophe looks like anymore, much less where to put one.

You’re immersed in your own ideas daily. It’s easy to write something that you understand. But what about everybody else?

Be certain your idea is clear. Be certain your sentences are understandable. Be certain your structure makes sense.



Perfect for that one quick thing you need looked over.


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Perfect for slightly larger projects – or just to lock down a cheaper rate because you love having me on board.
(These don’t have to be used in one go!)

3hr block: $215 (save 5%)
5 hour block: $340 (save 10%)
10 hour block: $640 (save 15%)


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 We’ve worked together before. Probably a few times. We know and like each other well, and we work together seamlessly.

retain me If you have ongoing work that you’d like my eye on and want extra-special regular time reserved for you on my schedule.


Liv consistently exceeded my expectations throughout the editing process. She delivered excellent work, kept me informed, and offered invaluable advice. She turned a potentially stressful situation into a simple one; this is by far the biggest benefit of her services. I would recommend her to anyone who desires an enjoyable and productive experience.


Georgie Wolf, Author of Art Of The Hookup

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