Carefully crafted copy that convinces, sells,
and guides your audience onwards.


While most things are done online these days, it’s not just about website copy. The things that need to be written are as numerous and varied as your business ideas.

Copywriting is a whole different ballgame to content. It’s not enough to just write down what you want to say. You have to be able to tease, excite, suggest, convince, and guide. It’s gotta be consistent with your tone of voice, and it’s gotta be phrased in a way that your audience will hear it.

You could spend the time writing it yourself, squeezing each painstaking word from your brain to your screen, and praying it works.

You could also just shoot it my way, then sit back and relax. 



For when you’ve got that one small thing that needs writing. Think social media copy, slogans, bios, product descriptions, and limericks. (Please, someone hire me to write them limericks)

I also have some flat-fee projects – check them out here.


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Perfect for slightly larger projects – or just to lock down a cheaper rate because you love having me on board.
(These don’t have to be used in one go!)

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10 hour block: $935 (save 15%)


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The content was website ready and didn't need any editing or adjusting. The format and style followed the brief perfectly. It was all very easy and time efficient. I would (and will) happily recommend Liv to other business owners needing to outsource copywriting. Little briefing was needed for a fantastic result.

Kayla Houlihan, CEO Tribe Skincare

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