Words That Solve Problems

Copy that’s surprising, evocative, and intensely familiar. Copy that just feels right, to you and to your target audience.

You’re struggling to clarify who you are and how to translate that into words.

You don’t just need fresh eyes to crack that concept. You need fresh ears, hands, legs, espresso, Hell, a fresh everything.

Not everything that needs writing fits easily into a category. Got something a little different?

Can you write a testimonial from me? Your words will be better anyway.

Silke Bader, CEO of L Media

Branding & Copy

Your product or service is the beating heart of your business, but it’s not all you need to succeed. You also need a voice, a face, and strong sets of arms and legs.

Step 1: Tone of Voice Development & Documentation

People don’t relate to businesses. They relate to personalities. Luckily, you can create one for your brand- and communicate it through your Tone of Voice (you might have seen it referred to as ToV for short). Done well, it’ll make your brand recognisable, memorable, and trustworthy- all things which translate into loyal customers and a nice, juicy bottom line for you!

Includes a personalised roadmap outlining where you are, where you want to go, and how to use copy and content to get there.

from $1800

From our first chat with Liv, we felt like she 'got us'. She took the time and asked all the right questions to know and understand our brand. As a startup we wanted consistency in delivering our message to our audience. Liv defined our voice, tone and style in one invaluable TOV document that we refer to regularly. We knew what we wanted to say, now thanks to Liv we know how to say it!

Allison & Jason, Founders of Troppolicious

Step 2: Web Copy

Once you’ve defined your voice, your audience needs to see you too. Your website is your brand’s face, so craft it with love. I can do your whole website from scratch or write single landing and sales pages. Got something you’re almost happy with? I can also review what you’ve got, point you in the right direction, and send you off to fix it yourself.

All pages of web copy are written in your brand’s Tone of Voice, SEO optimised, come with UX-informed layout suggestions, and include meta titles and descriptions.

From $650

Liv is a brilliant copywriter! She is talented, punctual and made sure she understood my target audience. She also has knowledge of SEO and website layout that came in handy. Thank you, Liv!

Pernille Jensen,
Founder of The Gut Co

Step 3: Content

SEO optimised blog posts, memorable press releases, or impactful advertorials- your content pieces are the legs going out to meet your audience, make them sturdy with strong SEO!

From $445

Liv is amazing to work with and really takes the time to understand the brand voice. She always comes through with engaging posts full of warmth, humor, and authority and they are always on time.

Sean Flannigan, Content Manager at Sendle

Grab my Full Service Menu for all the many, juicy ways I can help you. Plus prices.

Step 4: Email Sequences

If your content pieces are the legs going out to meet your audience, your emails are the arms bringing all those warm leads on your list in for a nice (profitable) hug. Welcome sequences, nurture sequences, special announcements, just-called-to-say-hey emails, newsletters, I do it all with multiple subject lines and pre-headers for you to choose from.

From $300ea

The content was website ready and did not need any editing or adjusting. The format and style followed the brief perfectly. It was all very easy and time-efficient. I would (and will) very happily recommend you to other business owners needing to outsource copywriting. Little briefing was needed for a fantastic result.

Kayla Houlihan,
Director at Tribe Skin Care

Brain Juice

Give my brain a squeeze and see what juicy, juicy ideas we can come up with together. Dare me to say juice again in this paragraph? Juice.

Borrow me for your next brainstorming session. I can help with ideating campaigns, concepting, product positioning, and more. Shoot me an email with some details about where you’re stuck and let’s chat.

From $300

Liv from Tender L Creative ran a fantastic session with our team. The whole team found it super valuable and everyone got actionable takeaways on creating meaningful copy that motivates and converts. She helped us identify gaps in our materials and suggested improvements. I look forward to working with Liv more closely. I highly recommend her services for any marketing/sales/CS professional. Thanks Liv!!

Jenna Minchuk,
Marketing Director at Coviu

Bits & Bobs

You know that drawer you have with all those random things you’re not sure how to categorise but are absolutely essential? This section is like that drawer.

Need to jazz up your social media profile? Reach into this drawer.

Radio or video script? This drawer.

Business or product name and tagline? Personality quizzes to boost engagement? 

You know where to go!

Grab my Full Service Menu for all the many, juicy ways I can help you. Plus prices.

If you have something even more weird and specific that’s not on there, I want to hear about it.

Who I Work Best With

Much like dating, this'll only work if it feels right for both of us. Aside from long walks on the beach, here's what I'm into.

Who do I work with?

I’ve been doing this long enough for this answer not to be ‘anyone who pays me’.

  • I play nice with decision-makers. People who either run their own business, or the marketing department of a larger company. I prefer to avoid endless feedback loops from stakeholders who aren’t all on the same page.
  • People who trust my expertise but aren’t shy to speak up if they don’t understand or don’t like something.
  • People who are willing and able to word vomit all the juicy information I need to understand your brand.
  • People who agree that hazelnut chocolate is superior to plain.

Who don’t I work with?

  • If you don’t have a reasonably solid idea of who you are and what you do, I can’t help you (though you might want to check out my Free Branding Workbook to start figuring it out).
  • While I do work with people in the early stages of their businesses, things will only work out between us if you understand and value what I do, and have budgeted accordingly.
  • I don’t write for the gambling industry and absolutely nothing remotely homophobic or racist. I like lifting people up with my words, not beating them down. There’s enough of that in the world.
  • People who love dill. It’s the great food-ruiner. (Willing to overlook this if you enthusiastically love coriander.)

Some of the brands who’ve loved my work so far:

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