Heard you’re in the market for some new words.

But not just words. Cheeky words. Clever ideas. Evocative messaging that sails into the hearts of your ideal clients and stays there.


Here’s what to expect.

1. The first part: tell me what you want (what you really, really want)

You’ve probably just done this in the form above. I’ll get back to you within a day or two with any further questions I might have, and a suggested scope, timeline, and price. Once that’s settled and agreed on…

2. The boring part: admin

I’ll send you through my client agreement to sign (digitally) and an invoice. I normally take payment upfront, but a 50% deposit is fine for larger projects.

Note: I operate on a first-paid-first-served basis. Take as long as you need to pay the invoice, but I won’t hold any time in my calendar until you do.

3. The hard part: tell me about yourself

We sit down together on Zoom and I (ruthlessly) dig for details about who you are, who you’re trying to connect with, what you’re trying to achieve, and the best way to make that happen. This part is easier if you already have things like ideal client avatars and brand statements, but if not, we’ll go through it all together.

4. The easy part: you get your time back

This is the part where you get to feel like you’ve achieved something without actually having to break a sweat. And you have! I’ll be the one sweating and/or crying over your copy (just kidding) while you spend quality time with your family or yourself.

5. The good part: the copy you’ve been waiting for!

The part you’ve been waiting for! You get your fresh copy back in your choice of Google Doc or Word Doc and read through it. You’ve got 2 weeks to let it digest and get back to me with any amendments you’d like (2 rounds of amendments are built into all projects, but chances are you won’t need them).

6. The best part: relax and watch the results

Most people think getting their copy back is the best part, but I disagree. Reading the copy is fun but forgetting all about it to focus on other things while it works behind the scenes to engage, inspire, connect, and sell for you is even better!

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