A Day In The Life of a Creative Told Through Document Names and Coffee Orders

It started out as a joke on LinkedIn. John Espirian had posted something about best practice naming conventions, and I joined in with a joke about how I learned my lesson back in my uni days when i submitted ‘Psych-Essay-Final-Final.doc’ instead of ‘Psych-Essay-Final-Actually-This-Time-Though-I-Promise.doc’.

One thing lead to another, and I solemnly vowed to produce a short story told entirely through document titles, coffee orders, and email subject lines. If you work in a creative industry or in-house at an agency, this is for you.

Oat milk flat white, no sugar

You have mail: Client brief

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V1.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_Internal Feedback R1.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V2.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V2_This_One.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_Client Feedback R1.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_Really???_V3.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_Client Feedback R2.doc

Long black, one sugar

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V4.doc

You have mail: Sorry!!!!

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V4.5.doc

You have mail: I love it! Can you make it a little more…

Double shot cap, one sugar

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V5.doc

You have mail: I showed it to my friend

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final.doc

You have mail: I showed it to my coworker

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final2.doc

You have mail: I showed it to my yoga teacher

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final2_Actually.doc

You have mail: I showed it to my goldfish

You have mail: What do you mean out of scope?

You have mail: Can you just…

Triple shot mocha, 3 sugars, extra chocolate

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final_Final.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final_Final_Please_Make_It_Stop.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final_Final_Revised.doc

You have mail:

You have mail:

You have mail:

Triple espresso

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final_Final_Revised2.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V6_Final_Final_Revised_Client_Feedback R????.doc

ThisBiz_WebCopy_About Page_V7_Million.doc

You have mail: Thank you!!!!!!!! Can you also help me with…

Shot of tequila

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