What Do Handstands And Setting Up A Business Have In Common?

The idea of being able to balance on my hands has always appealed to me. I was a clumsy child, and maybe I liked the idea of having something steady for when my feet failed me.

A little over a year ago, I got a PT starter pack when I joined a new gym. I decided to make use of my one-on-one time to learn to ‘do cool things’. Handstands.

When I was younger, I’d just stick my hands up, swoosh them down to the ground with a bit of a kick, and see what happened.

A proper handstand is an insane amount of work. You have to practice being upside down, give your brain time to figure things out. You have to learn to use muscles you didn’t know you had to stabilise in ways you didn’t know existed. You have to juggle a hundred things for each part of your body to get there. Oh and once you’re in position, it’s not enough to just hold it. It might look like all gymnasts are doing is balancing in place, but they’re actually making constant tiny adjustments with their core, hands, and legs to stay upright.

Sounds kinda like setting up a business – right?

At first, you just have this idea of what it’ll look like. You decide to go for it. How hard could it be?

Then you realise there are countless processes you have to master (or at least wrap your head around) just to set it up.

Then you realise once it’s up, there are constant, countless adjustments necessary to keep it up. Some tiny, some not so tiny. You might come close to completely tumbling down once or twice. You might actually tumble down once or twice. You’ll pick yourself up and try again.

And it’s never as easy as it looks.

– Liv

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  1. This is so relatable. And despite loving handstands as a girl, the truth is I’m scared to even try one as a woman. Another great way of confirming your metaphor – some are too scared to even start in case we break an arm (or our bank accounts, relationships, career paths and the list goes on…)

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