You Do, I Write, They Remember.

Copywriting and creative backed up by a degree in Psychology

Liv Steigrad is the kind of copywriter I want to be when I grow up. She's whip-smart, sharp as a blade, and manages to cram oodles of personality into succinct, punchy copy. I've had the pleasure of both copy coaching and hiring Liv as a copywriter and editor and on every occasion she brings innovative, new ideas, a considered approach to how to work with other professionals, and delivers edgy, easy to read copy. I highly recommend this fresh face to the copy world and suggest you sign her up soon; I can imagine she'll be charging at top dollar within the year.

Jay Crisp Crow, Copywriter

What I do

I help businesses of all colours, shapes, and sizes prosper by finding their voice, building a strong online presence, and connecting with their ideal audiences. And you know, sell things.

What I really do

I care about your business as much as you do.

I help business owners find that soul-lifting joy and achievement that comes from loving your work and overcoming challenges.

I help marketing directors and agency owners spend their work hours strategising and their after-hours relaxing, knowing they’ve found a freelancer they can trust.

Because life is lush and I believe everyone should have the chance to experience it fully. And with a little Tender Loving Creative, you can.

Liv is the kind of copywriter you hope to find and don’t want to let go of when you do. Her quick-witted and engaging personality shines through her writing. She nails the brief. And, best of all, she makes the whole process simple from start to finish.

Grace Elliot, Marketing Coordinator at Kingpin-TEEG

Who Are You?

Business Owner

  • Probably tried to DIY your copy with...interesting results
  • Losing sleep over the stuff piling up while this thing doesn’t get written
  • ‘Start your own business’ they said…‘follow your passion’ they said... If only you could get back to doing what you’re passionate about (hint: it’s not writing)

Marketing Director or Agency Owner

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Which Area of Your Business Needs Some TLC?

Some of the brands who’ve loved my work so far:

Yes. Running a business involves a million and one things and at first, you had it under control but now you’re scrambling to do everything in the nick of time and you’re certain that everything is Extremely Important but you can’t even remember why anymore.

Why is it that every time you think a task is simple it explodes and multiplies until it’s 3 am again and that blog you’re reading about SEO is starting to blend into that podcast you’re listening to about UX design and all you wanted to do was write a blog post or two.

Breathe again.

The reason you’re finding writing for your business so damn hard is because it is that hard. It’s a very particular skill that requires very particular knowledge, and that takes time to learn. 

You could take the time to learn it.

Or you could hand it over to me and get it done quickly and thoroughly so you can focus your energy and talents where they’re really needed.

Already know exactly what you need and have the budget ready to go?

Can’t afford me yet? Want to give it a go on your own? Still trying to clarify your branding?

I’ve got just the thing for you.

Tame your branding beast once and for all with this free (yes, free) workbook!

As a global African writer, it is really important to be edited by writers and editors with the range and sensibility suitable for our views and interpretations of the world. Liv has just that. Anyone should consider themselves so lucky to be able to work with Liv. She is an outstanding editor and copywriter. Obrigado.

Guido Andrade de Melo, Author

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